LAMB School - Bangladesh

26 January 2014

Our Guava Tree

I saw it the first time I came by in September, there was no doubting the trouble, our guava tree needed some serious treatment - entire branches were dead and would have to be cut off, it was an accident waiting to happen.
I delayed, not just because there is a season for cutting down trees but as much because it was THAT Tree: Our Guava Tree.
Every year the children have spent hours in that tree; to chat, to - literally - hang around or worse go out on a limb. That habit has scared me quite a bit, but the broken bones have not come from the guava tree.
And learned to share - the rule was one guava for every child every day; that applied to both children at the school and other visitors. It was both permission - even if the tree was ours strangers were allowed its fruit, and a limit - they, too, were limited to one a day.
The second aim was to teach to preserve our resource; we probably had limited success in doing this. The rule that nobody could pick one, discard it and take another was not easy for the children to follow when there was a better fruit higher up.
It is strange how, as it came down, we were reminded of the many blessings.
The ground is bare were it stood, and it will probably remain like that for a while, but when the rainy season comes around, we are likely to plant another guava tree in the same spot and pray that God will give it good growth - and good guavas.

26 November 2013

Staff Needs at LAMB School

For the school year 2014-15 the following positions are open at the school. Please consider whether you would fit in any of these roles or whether you know someone who might. Even if you don't, please pray that God will send us the people we need.

English teacher(s) to help us teach up to Grade 10/ Year 11/ Age 16. Teachers are needed long term, and to cover for teachers on home assignments from mid 2014.

Science teacher (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) especially for upper grades including O Levels (Grades 9-10).

Social Science teacher especially for upper grades including O Levels (Grades 9-10).

For more information contact christianv (at) lambproject . org.

If you know teaching and working at the school is not for you, please consider one of the other positions on this list of all LAMB staff needs.

LAMB is a great place to work and a great opportunity to see and be part of what God is doing in Bangladesh. You can learn more about LAMB here.

24 December 2012

Flat people

I have been away from LAMB School for four months now and miss the students and staff there. Grade 4 have been reading Flat Stanley (Brown, J. 1964) and I have had the honour of their visit in England and now in Denmark.

Flats at the counter in the dining hall at Redcliffe
Flats with me in the Library at Redcliffe
London Bridge
London Underground 
Visiting H. C. Andersen at his birth place in Odense, Denmark

We made a snow man early on 24 December

09 June 2012

Your prayers answered

Our students' last O Level exam was yesterday, Friday, 8 June 2012. It was a long Maths exam, but all four students reported that they did somewhere between very and really well; definitely a good way to end.
Thank you to all who prayed for the students, the answers to your prayers about was that only three exams were rescheduled; one was rescheduled for start at 23:45 when the opposition did call a strike and two other shorter ones consecutively from 19:30 when one of the opposition parties called a half-day strike in another big city. The big point of praise is that none of the test were cancelled and our students were able to travel to Dinajpur even for the second to last exam when the transport workers in our division called a blockade for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, this week.
At the beginning of the Chemistry tests that started at 19:30 there was no electricity and the parents were told to go buy candles, but a well-connected student from another school had a father who knew how to 'push the right buttons' to get power back on in the part of Dinajpur town where the exams were held.
Two of our students went straight to Dhaka in order to seek admission at a school there, the other two are enjoying well deserved time off.
Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for continuing to pray for the students as they continue their studies.
At LAMB School we start our exam week tomorrow, 10 June; everything is ready, the children are appropriately busy studying while the teachers are waiting to start marking papers after the first tests.
In the photo Grades 4 and 5 have gone to our nearby river to take water samples for testing. Our newest teacher, who doesn't want to be mentioned by name, is a great blessing in helping us teach science skills. 

17 May 2012

Midnight stars

When, yesterday evening, the opposition declared a countrywide shutdown for today, Thursday, the British Council, and all the students taking their exams today, were scrambling to figure out what to do.
At 10:30 PM last night, we were given confirmation that the exams would happen today, but also that the one our students are taking would start at 11:45 PM.
Please pray for the students, I think they will be awake tonight, but I wonder how they will be doing tomorrow afternoon when they have to take another test after a night without much sleep.
Also do pray for Bangladesh and for the political situation here.
While we can discuss the justification for calling a general strike when 33 opposition politicians are arrested in one day, there is hopefully no harm in taking a little pleasure in one of the common ways objections are shown. I wonder about the hunger anybody will feel after not having eaten for a full two hours...