LAMB School - Bangladesh

11 June 2015

Building Day 156

In January work started on a new building next to the current school. The plan is to have enough space for the school and a large auditorium for all of LAMB to use. The auditorium is designed to seat almost 300 people. Under the roof, we want an archive for hospital and finance documents which we are required to store for quite a few years. This will also serve to keep the floors below cooler.
The work is funded by generous donations from individuals in several countries. These gifts, as well as those from The Good Samaritan Society, USA, South West Baptist Church, Christchurch, New Zealand, Hilfe für Brüder International, Germany and Risskov Genbrug, Denmark have made it possible to start work on the building.  However, due to an increase in the cost of construction (or poor planning on our part?) and the devaluation of the Euro, we now either have to redo our plans or raise further funds.

We are thankful to those who contributed through the organizations listed above. If you would like to contribute, you can do so by praying or by sending funds to WMPL. (Select Project, then 'Bangladesh - LAMB Hospital (School)' and write 'Construction' in the 'Additional Information' section under 'Add a Note' .)

We always and above all value your prayers.  Please pray that what we do and what we build will bring positive change in the lives of the poorest of the poor, especially women and children in north-west Bangladesh.

16 October 2014

Impact and Numbers

It is impossible to say what difference we are making in the world, but with the publication of a new brochure it is encouraging to see some evidence that it matters that we are here. You can find more information about us at the LAMB website.
If you wonder why you should consider working as a teacher at LAMB School, please consider the fact that the school is one aspect of ensuring that services are provided to more than five million people - that is as many as the whole population of Denmark.
Please pray about and consider the opportunity in various parts of the organization for development, medical, managerial and educational staff needs.
At the school our need is for teacher who can teach English across the range of grades from age 4 to 16 and in the upper grades teachers for History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

06 August 2014

School Start 2014-15

It is a great blessing to be able to hear the rain on the roof and anticipate the answer of many people's prayers for water to the fields. It is equally good to be able to anticipate the arrival of old and new students back at LAMB School.
When we start today, Wednesday, 6 August there are 142 children enrolled in our school. While a few will be late, we are anticipating a very full house. Just as the rain comes with promise of a harvest in the future, so the preparations of both school staff and many others at LAMB bear promise of a harvest in our children.
It is God who gives growth, pray that he will bless our efforts.
We give out a newsletter (no photos) that can also be found here. We hope to make our monthly newsletter available for reference on the right.

27 July 2014

LAMB School On-Line

If you have a need for official information about LAMB School please look for it on this blog. We aim to keep it up to date with the latest calendar, school rules, documents and forms. If you think anything is missing or find something that doesn’t work, please let us know by sending an email, calling or visiting the office.
The blog will also, as it has for a while, carry stories from the school. All photos during the past several years have been used with permission. Photos used in the newsletter will only be published on-line with your permission.

06 June 2014

Gifts of children

Praise God it is rainy season and time for a break, for vexing philosophical about the school and for marking the end of a school year with celebrations of achievements and victories in learning: there is much to rejoice about. Some children, over whom we were worrying because they didn’t seem to progress as much as they should, have shown signs of improvement. We notice when teachers bring evidence of victories to our attention, sometimes we realize when during talks about our struggles names are suddenly missing; names of children who used to be of concern but now are not. Occasionally we notice because some who used to be a worry are being used as standards against which other more challenged children fail.

One of the greatest challenges for LAMB School is the challenge to be both competitive and compassionate. We seek to deliver quality education. Quality is often measured in how well students perform. That can, however, be a poor standard if it means the weak and the disadvantaged are weeded out of the system. In an era when resources are limited, concern for the common good may dictate singling out the exceptionally gifted for better education. Doing this can easily lead to neglect of the average, let alone those who are not gifted in the subjects taught in schools.

At LAMB School we believe in the value of all God’s people. We therefore do not single out or exclude those who fall behind. We give them the best we have. In doing so we teach them, as we teach their more gifted friends, that every person is of immense value to us hoping to reflect, however imperfectly, a little of how much God values each of them.

Our resources and skills are limited and so there comes a time when we must stop our efforts to educate; the most gifted because they have gone ahead and can continue in prestigious educational institutions elsewhere, and the least gifted because even our best efforts don’t help them progress any further.
As we make decisions and help families make decisions about the future of their children we take into account each child’s potential, our skills – and the alternatives available. We take some comfort that the level of English, of understanding of other cultures, will help these children. We also believe, that our efforts have given them an understanding for themselves, for others and for the world in which they live which, with the knowledge of God’s love for them, is a foundation upon which they can build.

We are thankful for each of our friends who pray with and for us in our work at LAMB School. We are thankful for each of the gifts you send to help us continue the work we do. We are thankful that, in the eyes of God, each one of us – and you, is precious.