30 August 2015

New School Year 2015-16

At the beginning of August, we started a new school year at LAMB School. 151 children are enrolled - the largest number to date - and we are bursting at the seams. We look forward to moving into the new facilities being built and are thankful to God for providing funds for the first two floors.

It is a privilege to start another year serving God by working to provide quality education to children from several different countries and language groups. We have so many great children with different needs, and we are learning how to provide for each one of them.

Prayers are appreciated for special blessings over all the staff currently at the school as they seek to nurture each and all the children as they grow and develop, each to his or her potential.
Pray also for the five students who have passed their O Levels and are pursuing further education elsewhere.
Pray for the resources needed for the future, for staff, for funds and for wisdom to do well.

24 August 2015

Annual Report 2014

LAMB is more than the school; about a thousand staff work so that people may have abundant life through health services, education, development, research and support services.
If you would like to know more about the work, the Annual Report 2014 is available for you to look at. While you are there, you can browse LAMB's website.
We are privileged to be working together with communities, organisations and churches in our part of Bangladesh to serve the poor and honour God.
You can join us by giving work, finances, prayer or equipment. If you want to know how, follow this link.

11 June 2015

Building Day 156

In January work started on a new building next to the current school. The plan is to have enough space for the school and a large auditorium for all of LAMB to use. The auditorium is designed to seat almost 300 people. Under the roof, we want an archive for hospital and finance documents which we are required to store for quite a few years. This will also serve to keep the floors below cooler.
The work is funded by generous donations from individuals in several countries. These gifts, as well as those from The Good Samaritan Society, USA, South West Baptist Church, Christchurch, New Zealand, Hilfe für Brüder International, Germany and Risskov Genbrug, Denmark have made it possible to start work on the building.  However, due to an increase in the cost of construction (or poor planning on our part?) and the devaluation of the Euro, we now either have to redo our plans or raise further funds.

We are thankful to those who contributed through the organizations listed above. If you would like to contribute, you can do so by praying or by sending funds to WMPL. (Select Project, then 'Bangladesh - LAMB Hospital (School)' and write 'Construction' in the 'Additional Information' section under 'Add a Note' .)

We always and above all value your prayers.  Please pray that what we do and what we build will bring positive change in the lives of the poorest of the poor, especially women and children in north-west Bangladesh.

LAMB School - Bangladesh