25 February 2016

An eye for wonder

Hridoy (Grade 10) has given me permission to post one of his photos on our school blog. What an eye for wonder to spot that the bee broke the ground as it fell.

11 February 2016

Parent Teacher Meetings

We have had to review the schedule for parent teacher meetings. You can see your meetings on the calendar to the right on this page. (It may be easier if you click on the tab above the calendar and scroll through the events.)

Please mark the date in your calendar and make sure you return the letter sent home with your child if you wish to speak to your child's teachers.
All the meetings will be between teachers and parents. We invite the older children to come, too.

Please send your questions in advance, this will help us respond better to your questions.

04 January 2016

New Opportunities

It may be a truism that a new year brings new opportunities; that doesn't make it wrong. We are ready to start teaching children again tomorrow, Tuesday, 5 January.
As always, we are a few less than when we left in December. The school year in other schools runs from January through December so being out of sync with the rest, means we loose some every year when it is most easy to get admission elsewhere.
The children go to other schools for new and different opportunities and we are left with the opportunity to be grateful for the time we got to have each one at the school. They will have new friends as well as challenges where they go and we pray that what we have taught them will help them through any adjustment they need to make. (Please pray with us for the five who left this time.)
The children who are left behind, and their teachers, have an opportunity to refocus relationships and teaching. (Please pray also for us.)
We hope 2016 will be more peaceful than 2015 and pray for peace; peace for our friends, families and neighbours. This year we pray for peace for those who consider themselves our enemies, too. We have had to curb some of our activities to suit the new security situation. That is an opportunity to reevaluate our safety. At LAMB we have been privileged to know God's faithfulness throughout 40 years. As we celebrate LAMBs official existence (Government Registration was given in January 1976) God's faithfulness is a central theme.
The changing situation is an opportunity to reconsider our safety. In the light of our history, it is not difficult to decide to trust in God. It is also an opportunity to think about for whom we seek peace, without peace for our enemies, as well as for our friends, there will be no peace at all.
Let us use every opportunity to share God's love and peace to all mankind in 2016 and beyond.

LAMB School - Bangladesh